In Loving Memory: A Tribute to Paul Walker

After heard a tragical accident which made one of a famous Fast and Furious movie actor death, in the end last Wednesday, Fast and Furious film team made a video “A Tribute to Paul Walker.”

Sadness and lost feeling to Paul Walker present that death tragically are not felt by all the crews and all the actresses from Fast and Furious film, but also felt by his closest friends and all his fans from that film and private fans of Paul Walker.

A man that have a very nice smile also really care about the humanity values. That proved by built a Reach Out World Wide Foundation which mean to help all disaster victims whereever happend. Even before his tragically accident, he just attended charity even to collecting donation for Philipine disaster victims. Along before he and Reach Out World Wide Foundation helped Haiti earthquake victims few years ago.

Even that video only took 2 minutes duration, but the message that want to delivered so touching our hearts. Not to mention the songs that insert on purpose on that video, which the title “Coming Home” and vocal by Skylar Grey. That video is meant to be to memorized Paul Walker that showed focusing on Brian O’Connor character, a police that undercover as a street racer, in five series Fast Furious series (Paul Walker not involved at Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift)

Beside all of the prime actors that cheering up Fast & Furious film series had made like family before ended with Paul that lean on his race car while looking up the heavenly cloud.

Behind the scene of “A Tribute to Paul Walker” video also slip messages from Paul Walker’s family himself that very appreciate all backup from Paul fans’s himself also asking them to fullfill Paul Walker dreams to keep helping others in the way by diverse all flowers or others souvenirs become contribution for disaster victims through a foundation that built by Paul Walker himself, is Reach Out World Wide Foundation.

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